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wizorb debut trailer

Nicest spin on Arkanoid/Breakout I’ve seen. Can’t wait!

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So, this indie NES platformer is awesome from the moment it boots up.




Any game where punching is a viable mode of transportation gets my support. Looks and sounds great too!

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Reblogging this music vid until the end of time. Love it!

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which idiot made this check out this pug lmao

 fuck yeah kinesiology

I’m going to say again that even though videogame designer is not listed it is definitely not shit tier

if anything its god tier because the little shits that made this wouldn’t know what to do with their lives without videogames. 

IT is low tier

yes you 13 year old kid lets just insult the dudes who put together the goddamn infrastructure for the fucking internet you use to lay down “epic trolles xD”

(oops i got a little angry at the internet)

Oh hey look. An image made by a self-righteous science major who thinks himself so far above the people that do shit like:

1.) Write manuals, documentation, newspapers, books, and pretty much everything in-between.

2.) Determine how science is used to better humanity.

3.) Learn from the mistakes of the past in order to grow as a species.

4.) Entertain them endlessly.

5.) Fight for equality.

6.) Establish business infrastructure.

7.) Diagnose and treat mental illnesses.

Among countless others. So, in short, whoever made this is 13 years old. That or a raging fucking moron.

which fucking retard did this

sure, i may have my own bias against certain fields of study (e.g. business studies, which just sounds super boring to me), but ultimately it’s merely my preference on things. every field of study is equally important in society (more or less).

and just so you all know i’m studying music and audio technology now. i’m loving it so far. i dare anyone to tell me exactly how knowledge of musical composition and audio equipment handling is shit/useless.

Wow, they’re really making tiers for everything these days, aren’t they?

Sadly, I know I thought something along these lines when I was younger. I found what I enjoy doing most eventually but it worries me how many others might push themselves into a career they don’t really love just because it gets them more money, or even worse, more “respect.”

All the fields on here and off deserve respect and have their own geniuses, and no one out there should fool themselves into believing they don’t.

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why am i reblogging this i hardly use tumblr oh well

reblogging cause ITS DA COOL THING 2 DO

also because great music

Gonna go ahead and share the love, I’m seriously digging these tunes

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get it from the official SILLYSLARDY.JPG homepage:


It’s fast, frenetic, and fun.  Give it a try!  Check the note for a little background on it too.

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It’s been forever since my little blurb on Joe Danger, so might as well take a look at this gem I finished up a little while back!  Shank’s a fun ride of a beat-em-up with a couple platforming elements splashed in.  It’s a visual treat too, with some slick art direction and lots of style in all of Shank and his foes’ attack animations. The soundtrack does a great job setting the mood for the game as you cut your way through various locales in Shank’s bloody journey to get revenge on the crime lords that betrayed him and murdered his girlfriend.  Basic story, right?

Controls aren’t anything too tough to get the hang of.  You’ve got separate buttons for shanks (standard weapon), heavy weapons, and firearms.  The more creative you are at stringing different attacks together, the longer you can keep combos going and cover yourself from every side.  Aside from weapons there’s a button for blocking/evasion, another for grabs, and another for grenades—limited, but the best way to clear out a crowd or take down a big guy.  You’ve also got a “pounce” option to single out a foe for a brutal takedown.

Weapon choice is the main draw to Shank’s combat: pistols, chainsaws, and machetes are just a few of the attack options you’ll get, and they each have their own benefits.  Pistols let you shoot ahead and behind at the same time, the shotgun is strong enough to make large enemies flinch, the machetes have long range but less power than other heavy weapons, and so forth.  You’ve got to switch up your tactics depending on what kind of enemies the baddies are wielding, since certain tactics/weapons.  Blocking’s important too—lots of enemies are totally shut down by blocking, though without a solid offense you won’t be as efficient at mowing down large groups at once.

Bosses are a fun change from the usual waves of goons.  Regular attacks are fairly useless, but every boss has some kind of weakness that leaves them exposed for a particularly nasty blow.  None of them are too overwhelming, but the final boss is a worthy challenge that rewards your patience and reflexes.  Overall difficulty is very reasonable once you get the hang of things, and if you think the game’s getting a bit too simple, give Hard mode a shot (no checkpoints) and let the frustration begin.

Replayability’s a bit limited once you’ve been through the story once, but the game saves your clear times for each chapter, so you can take a stab at plowing through stages even faster.  There’s a few secrets here and there to unlock if you get a lot of kills with a single weapon or dish out a huge combo.  In a nice move, there’s a co-op mode that’s a separate story, so if you’ve got a buddy you can take advantage of a couple nifty tag-team moves not possible in single player.

It’s a good solid play overall, and worth the $15 price tag for nice gameplay and presentation alone.  At least try out the demo on 360 or PS3 if you can.

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Joe Danger!

Been having a lot of fun with this game lately.  It’s kind of a racing/stunt/platformer mishmash on PSN with a nice mix of challenges: some are just beating a certain time or racing AI opponents, while others include exploring a level for secrets or keeping a stunt combo going for the entire run.

It’s got a lot of smileworthy moments and puns scattered about, and it lovingly takes a few pages from a bunch of classic games.  It handles really nice after a little practice with the controls, and it’s got a bright and fun style to it.  There’s also a little multiplayer and a sandbox mode to make levels, though I didn’t mess around with them too much.  Only thing that’s a bit iffy is the $15 price tag, but there’s plenty of replay value if you want to go for all the stars.

Major props to Hello Games for making such a fun arcade-style game with a team of only four people!

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So, I’m just sitting here like D: Wondering what the hell?!? I don’t even understand! IF THIS IS ON MY TEST, I JUST KNOW I’M GONNA FAIL!

blah blah

Ewwwww, numbers, evil numbers….


I’m sorry, but are you serious? This is sooo fucking easy. I wish this is what I was going over on my test. You’ve gotta be a freshman or something, because holy shit. I just did all of those in my head.

I mean seriously.

I can understand if you’re young, but come on.

OK uh yeah like what cuboner said

i’m sorry, but if you can’t solve these you are either brain dead or stupid. all of this is very basic algebra (trust me) and these questions are not worth double checks

Looks like you already got some help, but I’ll add my take on things too.

#2 and #4) Group together terms with similar powers and combine them. (The terms 5x2 and 7x2 have similar powers because the exponents match, but 4x3 and 4x4 are not similar powers)

#3 and #5) Multiply the coefficients (the numbers in front of the letters) together, then multiply the exponents together.  When multiplying exponents, you add the numbers. (x3 * x4 = x(3+4) = x7)

#6 and #7) Swap the given terms for the variables (replace b with 4cm, etc.) and multiply the terms together. (lbh = l * b * h)  Multiply units too.  (cm. * cm. * cm. = cm.3)

#8) Get I by itself on one side of the equation (this makes it the subject of the formula) by dividing both sides of the equation by R.

If you’ve got something nasty to solve or simplify, take it one step at a time.  Above all else, these are only going to make sense if you’re practicing problems and asking questions in and outside of class, and you’ll need to put in the effort there on your own.

And come on guys, it may seem easy but it’s not that simple for everyone.  Seriously.